7+ Best Canadian Natural Skincare Brands You Should Know

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These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Last week I talked about how important it is to avoid unnecessary toxins and chemicals. This definitely extends to the skincare you use. From eating right to taking care of your skin, those are all areas we need to pay attention to. Over the years I have discovered some great Canadian natural skincare companies that are developing truly amazing and healthy products. I have been fortunate to come across these companies while attending various trade shows and via word of mouth. Since launching my blog I have been waiting to be able to give props to these companies. I’m not only a fan of theirs but I’m also a user and I wholeheartedly believe in their wonderful products. So below I’m sharing with you 7+ Best Canadian Natural Skincare Brands You Should Know!

Just so you know even though these companies are Canadian they all ship internationally. Therefore no matter where you live rest assured you can still get your hands on these amazing products.

*The following post contains Affiliate links, which means I may earn commission on a sale of a product you purchase through my links at no extra cost to you.

7+ Best Canadian Natural Skincare Brands You Should Know

7+ Best Canadian Natural Skincare Brands You Should Know

1. Canadian Natural Skincare – Fountain of Purity Skin Care

I recently discovered this Canadian organic skincare company, and I was thrilled to try out their product line. Fountain of Purity’s mission is to protect the future of our planet through the spread of positivity, green practices, and a natural lifestyle. That’s the kind of vision I can get behind.

They vow to create their products without using harmful toxins and substances that many commercial products still use today. The company even donates a part of the proceeds of each sale to water aid. I think it’s amazing they take this extra step to protect our Mother Earth. The key ingredients they use to create their healthy skincare are Turmeric, Coconut Oil, and Chia Seed.

Here is the Fountain of Purity Skin Care line I had the pleasure of trying.

Turmeric Moisturizing Oil

The Turmeric Moisturizing Oil is Fountain of Purity’s featured product. It contains only three ingredients: Turmeric Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Wow, can you believe that? How much more pure can you get? It’s the perfect blend to combat such issues as blemishes and acne scars. This oil will not only moisturize your skin, but also give it a natural healthy glow. It also targets acne-prone and oily skin. But rest assured that it wouldn’t clog your pores. Turmeric oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that add lustre and healthy glow to your skin. I could feel the difference on the first try. My skin became softer and well hydrated. And the good news is, you only need a few drops to moisturize your entire face.

Fountain of Purity Turmeric Moisturizing Oil

Turmeric Moisturizing Oil Infused With Avocado

This wonderful serum is infused with Turmeric oil, Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, and Fractionated Coconut Oil. It has the benefits of avocado’s fatty acids, vitamins A, D, and E. These beneficial oils help combat such skin issues as dry, irritated, and flaky skin.

This formula would be most helpful for those individuals with acne-prone and dry skin. It is best used after cleansing your skin and before going to bed. I’m already noticing my skin feels a lot less dry when I wake up in the morning after using this oil. I highly recommend this product if you suffer from dry skin.

Fountain of Purity Turmeric Oil with Avocado

Chia Seed Moisturizing Oil

This oil works for all skin types. It contains four beneficial ingredients: Chia seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Macadamia oil, and Lavender oil.

What really makes this product so wonderful is the anti-inflammatory properties of the Chia Seed oil. These properties can help reduce the harmful effects of UV damage on your skin, therefore it’s a perfect addition to your summer skincare routine. I’ve already noticed my skin feeling a lot softer and silky after using it. I’m happy to have it in my arsenal for the upcoming summer season.

Fountain of Purity Chia Seed Oil

Youth Serum

As the name implies, this product is really a youth serum in a bottle. The blend of six beneficial ingredients will make your skin feel a lot firmer, healthier, and plumper. It contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, marine peptide Collagen, and Vitamin C from Camu Camu extract.

In addition to that, it also contains Aloe Vera Juice, Orange Peel Oil, and Grapefruit Peel Oil. It is best to use this serum after cleansing your skin both morning and night. You can then follow up with one of Fountain of Purity’s other moisturizing face oils. I’ve been using this serum a few days a week, and I’m already noticing my skin looking more radiant.

Fountain of Purity Youth Serum

Nourishing Hair Oil

Fountain of Purity also carries this amazing Nourishing Hair oil. What I love about this product is the fact that it focuses on scalp health. That’s exactly what I needed. My scalp has been dry and itchy for a few years now. I used to color my hair, and I’m still suffering from the ill effect of doing so. That’s why I was thrilled to have a chance to try this oil. After just one use, my scalp felt a lot more soothing. I can’t wait to keep using this helpful product.

The Castor Oil in the Nourishing Hair Oil will soothe the irritated scalp and helps to strengthen individual hair strands. The Peppermint Oil will increase circulation and promote hair growth. The Moringa Oil will boost Keratin production, which in turn strengthens the hair. Last but not least, both Coconut oil and Macadamia Oil create a beautifully smooth and shiny mane. You can rub this oil onto your scalp and ends of your hair and leave-in for 20-30 minutes. Or you can use it as a night treatment and wash it out with shampoo in the morning.

Fountain of Purity Hair Oil

I hope you give all these products a try today, and I promise your skin will thank you for it. At the same time, you will also be supporting a great Canadian small business. Fountain of Purity Skin Care ships internationally and offers free shipping for orders over $40.


I have great news for you, you can now save 15% on your first order with the code: savvy15 so don’t hesitate and try this brand out today.

Fountain of Purity skincare line video


7+ Best Canadian Natural Skincare Brands You Should Know

2. Canadian Natural Skincare – Rostoplasc Cosmetics

I discovered Rostoplasc Cosmetics creams truly by accident. Actually, it was my mom who cut out a newspaper clipping advertising Mary Rostoplasc skin care products. We then drove down to Mary’s shop to meet with her and try out some of her creams. For over fifteen years now, I have been a huge fan of Mary’s products. That’s why I am so happy to finally be able to introduce Rostoplasc Cosmetics skincare to my readers.

Mary Rostoplasc started this Canadian natural skincare company in her native Romania. At the formidable age of fourteen, Mary was already formulating a cream for rosacea and psoriasis. Her creams became so popular that she created her company after moving to Canada and since then she has gained a loyal following of grateful clients. These clients have suffered over the years with many skin conditions and have gotten relief thanks to Mary’s great skin care products. She has products to treat many skin related issues.

One of the most popular and successful of Mary’s creams is her 4-step formulation to treat Rosacea. This set of 4 products are specifically designed to address many of Rosacea’s symptoms. If you suffer from this condition, make sure you check out Mary’s line of products.


Mary’s latest creation has been formulated to help people who suffer with arthritis. This cream has been so successful and effective it has helped people who have had troubles walking to be able to walk again. If you know anyone who suffers with this debilitating condition please contact Rostoplasc Cosmetics directly via 416-820-2595 to find out more information about this newest cream.

“My greatest reward, however, still comes from letters and the many testimonials I receive each year thanking me. And my clients always receive a gift when they buy my products. The Bible says: There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving.” – Mary P. Rostoplasc.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

I’m happy to report Mary’s skincare is:

  • Animal Friendly
  • Free of Chemical Irritants
  • Derived from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Shipped Worldwide


Face Cleanser & Toner

Mary’s gentle emulsion formula cleanser easily removes dirt, pollution, foundation make-up. It provides deep cleansing of the pores to make your skin ready for the daily or nightly moisturizer. After washing your face with the wonderful cleanser you can now use the equally effective face toner. This will clean, condition, and stimulate the skin’s natural biological functions. It’s also great at improving circulation. Put in on and walk around feeling fresh throughout the day.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Moisturizing Daytime Acne Cream

This cream is fantastic and it’s truly a life safer especially in the cold winter months when your skin is dry and flaky. I can’t stress enough how much I love this cream and can’t get through the tough winter months without it. It’s creamy in texture and you don’t need to have damp skin to put in on. Your skin absorbs it naturally and it will leave your face moisturized all day long. No need to re-apply it during the day unlike some of the other creams out there. Your skin will not feel dry and it’s the only cream I found to work extremely well during the winter months. As this cream massages well unto your skin, you only need a small amount to apply daily. This cream is also especially formulated to help acne prone skin. In addition, this cream requires refrigeration and in doing so you can extend the lifespan for up to a year.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Moisturizing Nightly Acne Cream

Similarly to the day cream this nightly cream is also very creamy and is absorbed well naturally by your skin. It’s a little thicker than the day cream because your skin needs all the help it can get to rejuvenate during the night when you sleep. The combination of both the day and night cream will make your skin feel moisturized, refreshed and beautiful. As with the day cream, the night cream also massages well unto your skin so you only need a small amount to apply nightly. This cream is also especially formulated to help acne prone skin. This has always been my problem so I definitely recommend it for those suffering with adult acne. In addition, this cream requires refrigeration and in doing so you can extend the lifespan for up to a year.

Organic Hand Care Cream

This all-natural hand cream is thick and a bit sticky in texture; similar to honey-based creams. It provides great relief for dry and chapped hands especially in winter months when your hands are exposed to the cold and harsh weather outside.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Organic Sun Filter (Face & Body Cream)

This organic sun filter cream contains no preservatives, perfumes or colorants so it’s a safe alternative to other sun filter creams out there. This cream has a similar texture to the organic hand cream. When you purchase this cream from Mary you will receive a detailed instruction sheet on how to use it in order to be fully protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

How To Order

There are two easy ways to order Rostoplasc products. You can call Ron Kemp directly at 416-820-2595 or you can email inquiry@rostoplasc.com. I really do hope you try these amazing products because it is my belief that you will love them too.

3. Canadian Natural Skincare – Skin Essence Organics

I first discovered Skin Essence Organics while attending the National Women’s Show in Toronto a few years back. It’s definitely worth checking out if you live or plan to visit Toronto in November. While at the show I was able to try a few products. I was looking for another healthy Canadian natural skincare company that I can add to my skin care regimen. The founder of this company is a well-respected holistic esthetician with a twenty-five year background in herbalism and alchemy. I was very impressed with this company’s line of products and I immediately started using a few of them. They are one of the very few companies to use USDA certified organic ingredients. Skin Essence Organics are also a certified organic cosmetic with ECOCERT certification internationally. They are one of the only lines in the world that hit all of these points together in ONE product line.


  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • NO Water used as fillers
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Bottled in Glass
  • Retail Pricing between $17.99 – $31.99 CAD

“Feed your skin, don’t just moisturize it” – Skin Essence Organics

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty #


Pure and Fresh Facial Cleanser

I have used both the Pure and Fresh cleansers and I enjoyed both products very much. The only difference between them is a few ingredients for either all skin types or sensitive skin so it depends on your personal choice which one to go with. This product contains no soaps, detergents and alcohols, which traditional cleansers typically have, and thus it will not dry out your skin. What I really like about this product is that it’s both a cleanser and a toner so you are getting two products for the price of one. It has a soapy consistency when you rub your hands together to form lather and it easily washes away all the daily grime. It then leaves your skin very toned and feeling fresh. I simply love this cleanser and I use it daily in the morning and at night.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Light Facial Moisturizer

This light moisturizer is a serum so you only need a little drop or two in order to spread it over your entire face. It’s better absorbed with a splash of water so ensure your face is not completely dry when you apply it. It feels very light on your skin and provides nourishment with extracts and essential oils. This line includes serums for a variety of skin tones from dry to oily to aging skin so you can easily pick one that is right for you. This serum can also be used in combination with another heavier day cream if that’s what you skin needs.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

E-Cream Skin Treatment

This is a cream especially formulated to treat such skin conditions as eczema, rosacea, sunburns, insect bites, diaper rash, and itchy skin. What I love about this cream is the sweet scent of the nettle leaf extract, which is soothing and almost makes the cream seem yummy. It also has a bit of exfoliation effect when you gently apply it to your skin. This cream can also be used in combination with the other day creams as the zinc oxide used in this cream offers natural healing, soothing, and sun protection qualities.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Facial In A Jar – Exfoliant & Softening Mask

I recently purchased this Facial In A Jar and it’s perfect for removing dead skin cells that clog pores and form blackheads, which is a problem of mine. In order to use this mask simply mix approximately one teaspoon of powder with one and a half teaspoon of water in a dish or the palm of your hand to form a paste. Then you can gently massage the paste onto your skin in small circular motions. You can leave the mask on for five to ten minutes and wash off with warm water. Your skin will feel much more vibrant and refreshed afterwards. I try to do this treatment at least once a week.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


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“If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, DON’T put in on you skin” – Skin Essence Organics

4. Canadian Natural Skincare – Thentix (A Touch Of Honey)

Thentix is another great Canadian natural skincare company I was fortunate to try out at the National Women’s Show. I’m already a fan of honey-based products so I was excited to try out their line of products. These products are often recommended to people who suffer from dry and health-related skin conditions.

Thentix products are designed to rejuvenate and protect the skin utilizing a natural approach. They can be used all over the body to refresh and moisturize. Thentix skin lotions especially help the skin because of fusion of natural ingredients such as: Honey, Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly, Ginseng Extract, Avocado, Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, Calendula and many more. Thentix products are great to use on your lips, to improve skin complexion, on cracked heels, to soothe poison ivy irritation, soothe bee stings, as eczema relief, psoriasis, blisters, insect bites, athlete’s foot, children’s skin rashes, rough hands, sunburn and many more skin conditions

Honey is an all-natural ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years. It can be used internally an externally as a cream. Royal Jelly is an antibacterial that is found in honey. In addition to honey Thentix uses other ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. These ingredients help the healing process and allow the skin to moisturize. Jojoba oil and Avocado oil is used for toning and softening purposes and Calendula Extract acts as an antiseptic. These are just some of the wonderful all natural ingredients found in all Thentix products.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


Skin Conditioner

This is a great skin conditioner to use whenever you have dry or itchy skin. It’s also great after shaving and personal grooming that can leave your skin tender and sore. Its moisturizing and antibacterial properties will cool the burn and leave your skin smooth and hydrated. Men can use this conditioner as an after-shave moisturizer for their heads, faces and especially the sensitive neck area. Women can use it on their legs, underarms and other areas. This is a great all around skin conditioner that can be used for many skin conditions.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Muscle And Joint

This cream is a great all natural alternative to soothe aching joint and muscle pains. Its active ingredients are MSM, Capsicum Oleoresin and Wintergreen. MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is a source of sulfur, a mineral element critical to the normal function and structure of the body.

Capsicum Oleoresin is the substance found in hot peppers. It works by blocking the neurotransmitter substance “P” production and by blocking C-Fiber or pain-fiber conduction. Therefore it reduces neurogenic inflammation and pain response. This ingredient works directly to decrease pain at the site of your nerves.

Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) naturally occurs in Wintergreen leaves, and Sweet Birch. It is commonly used externally as an antiseptic. It’s also able to penetrate human skin and therefore it’s well used to deliver the medicine to where the pain originates from.

This cream is well suited for someone who frequently suffers from body pains.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

5. Canadian Natural Skincare – From The Meadow

I first discovered From The Meadow at the Total Health Show in Toronto a few years back. At the show I was able to talk to the founder Brenda Daniel. She’s an avid herbalist since the beginning of time and a reflexologist for 40 years. This is basically how the Canadian natural skincare company was created back in 1999. Brenda oversaw her clients with certain ailments such as arthritis, aches and pains, eczema and so on and she would put an ointment together for them to take home after the treatments. She is a healer and always puts everyone first. From The Meadow organically grow and harvest all the fruits, vegetables, and plants and manufacture products on their farm. They are a family business and Brenda’s daughter Heather says:

“Mom has been my amazing teacher, I now manufacture product and always learning more and more about the healing quality of plants.”

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


The Secret Facial Moisturizer

This is a great overall facial moisturizer and it’s From The Meadow’s bestseller! It easily glides unto your skin and gets absorbed fairly quickly. The cream goes a long way and you don’t need a large amount to cover your entire face. This cream is very light in consistency and it is my go to cream in the summer months. It leaves your face feeling very fresh and it has a great gentle scent. This cream can be purchased in a Facial Kit package deal (a great saving) together with the Peppermint Facial Cleanser, Spearmint/Rosemary Toner and the Pumpkin Scrub – all for the awesome price of $30 plus shipping. I always opt-in for this great deal.

Meadow Flower Serum & Cleanser

This facial cleanser has many uses. It’s an all-in-one product that not only cleanses your skin but leaves it well moisturized. It contains a blend of healthy oils such as Moringa oil, Bergamot oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Pomegranate Oil, just to name a few.

Spearmint, Rosemary Toner

This is a great toner for your face. It is very gentle and soothing for your skin. It comes in a steamed, distilled base, with essential oils of spearmint and rosemary.

Pumpkin Scrub

I absolutely love this scrub. It smells good enough to eat and I’m pretty sure if you ate it, it would be good for you too!!! Pumpkins are full of beta-carotene, an essential antioxidant that fights cancer. This is a powerful scrub and I try to use it at least once a week to get rid of dead skin and to exfoliate. After the treatment my face feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The ingredients in this scrub are so delicious you might even like it when you accidently lick it while washing it off of your face.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

All Natural Make-up

From The Meadow also carries all natural make-up, which is fantastic, as I have switched almost entirely to all natural make-up. My skin has become very sensitive to chemicals in commercial beauty products so this is a must for me. From The Meadow have a beautiful line of eye shadows and I have tried a few of their colors such as the Rose Quartz eye shadow. Their eye shadows are gentle, sensitivity-tested and they won’t run or smudge so they are a good option for an all-day coverage. They also carry the Truly Natural Mascara, which has been my go to mascara and I usually get it in Espresso because it’s a black/brown option. This mascara is botanically enriched and paraben free. You can’t get any better than that.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

“We have a cream for anything that ails you from the top of your head to the tip of your toe.” From The Meadow

6. Canadian Natural Skincare – Val Coyote’s Radiant Skin Organics

I was fortunate to meet Val last year at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto. There she introduced me to the Val Coyote’s Radiant Skin Organics product line. Val started her Canadian natural skincare company about five or six years ago. She has struggled with acne for most of her life and bought lots of high end products, low end products and even soap to try to get rid of acne but nothing worked. She has worked with essential oils for over twenty-five years while offering holistic health modalities. After being frustrated with her acne scars and dull skin she started to use essential oils on her own skin. She did extensive research on essential oils that target acne.

After taking some courses that taught her how to make skin care with an emulsifying wax wash she was able to formulate her creams and lotions. Over the years of using her own formulations her scars have lessened and her skin glows with radiance. She was able to create a whole skin care line. Now she makes a facial serum that is cream based, super firming eye cream and throat cream as well as facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers for all skin types. She also has hand and body creams, lotions and butters.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


Kick Ass Hemp Cream

Val created this cream for her husband who is a carpenter and he absolutely loves this cream. This cream will benefit anyone who works with his or her hands. If your hands feel dry and your fingers crack due to weather or harsh working conditions you’ll find relief with this cream. This cream is for both hands and feet and it works great to provide relief for people prone to athlete’s foot. Val’s creams are free of parabens, synthetics, chemicals or preservatives and the whole skin care line is vegan. Val says:

“You could eat it if you wanted to… But don’t!”

Pina Colada Organic Hand and Body Cream

This lovely cream is delicately scented with essential oils so it won’t cause headaches unlike some of the commercial creams scented with perfumes. It provides deeply soothing nourishment for radiant skin. It’s best to use it after bath and shower. Some of the wonderful and soothing ingredients in this cream include: Moroccan Argan, Kukui Nut, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Shea Butter.

Organic Facial Cleanser – Normal/Dry

This is a gentle facial cleanser, which will surely remove all the impurities without stripping skin of natural moisture. It’s also an excellent eye makeup remover. This cleanser has been infused with the essential oils of lavender and rose, grapefruit seed extract and coconut.

7. Canadian Natural Skincare – Sade Baron

I came across Sade Baron last year while at the National Women’s Show. I am already a fan of this great Canadian natural skincare company. They are a mother and daughter duo. The mother is the formulator and started this as a hobby 5 years ago. For the last three and a half years, she practiced, took professional courses in making soap, and beauty products, learned ingredients and their effects.

In conjunction with her daughter who had some input into the formulated products and with the help of chemists Sade Baron was born. The daughter takes care of all the marketing, sales and business end of the brand. She has worked for brands such as La Roche-Posay, SimySkin, and a short stint at Pure Simple (Toronto). The company is under 1 year old and they really want to give people things that are good for them. I say they are off to a very good start!

What impresses me most about this Canadian natural skincare brand is that their products are created in small batches. This ensures the highest quality and maintains the integrity of their end product. You can feel the love that goes into every product. They have a fantastic line of moisturizers and body soaps. All of their products are hand-made and crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients and exclusively scented with Essential Oils. Their soaps are cold-processed, cured, hand-cut and hand-wrapped in Toronto.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


Intensive Body Souffle: Lemongrass & Sweet Orange

I was immediately taken with this awesome cream because of the lovely sweet scent of lemongrass and orange. It’s very light and almost literally goes unto your skin like butter. The unique texture of the bubbly soufflé is very soothing and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. It’s formulated for all skin types and it’s particularly beneficial for dry skin in need of hydration and intensive treatment.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

8. Canadian Natural Skincare – Graydon Skincare

I came across Graydon Skincare while I was searching online for Canadian natural skincare companies. After reading about their story and checking out the product line I decided to get in touch with them. I was really impressed by their unique approach towards holistic skin care. After speaking with the founder of the company Graydon, I was even more intrigued to try out their products. It was my pleasure to be able to sample a few of my favorite products from their line.

Graydon’s love for botanical ingredients started when she moved with her parents to France. There she was blessed to have great memories sitting in farmers’ fields surrounded by lavender and rosemary and enjoying fresh locally grown food as a young child. Little did she know that later she would embark on a journey to better her life. Having battled a bevy of eating disorders, ongoing anxiety and panic attacks in her teens, she decided to change her diet. She then studied and worked in the fields of holistic health, yoga, art, marketing and the culinary world. This work took her to partner up with a small team of like-minded experts to create their line of products.

I’m happy to report that Graydon Skincare’s products don’t contain any harmful chemicals including fillers, petrochemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colours. They’re also gluten free, almost vegan (with the exception of a little manuka and ghee), and organic whenever possible.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


Keto Cleanse

This is a great pre-cleansing oil. I really love how my skin feels after using this moisturizing oil. You can use it in combination with another cleanser or on its own. It’s also a great make-up remover. This cleansing oil will thoroughly remove unwanted congested oil and grime, while simultaneously moisturizing the skin and protecting it. My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated after using it. It also helps to use it before applying a moisturizing cream.

Face Food Mineral Mist

I really love this mineral mist. It’s a great way to keep your skin healthy, fresh and rejuvenated. It’s suitable for all skin types. It also acts as a redness corrector and it’s a great way to prep your skin for you favourite serum, facial oil or moisturizer. It helps your skin absorb vital nutrients more effectively.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty

Superfood Serum

This is my favorite Graydon product so far. I love how this serum really moisturizes my skin and leaves it soft and well nourished. No wonder it’s full of skin-loving superfoods such as: cold-pressed raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry seed oil from Canada’s own Fraser Valley. It’s an antioxidant serum that’s blended with grown kale oil from Prince Edward Island, South American sacha inchi, goji, and chia seed oil and Moroccan prickly pear. Wow, all of these sound yum. I really enjoy how this serum glides unto your skin thanks to its smooth texture. The addition of (gluten-free) oat oil helps your skin to absorb this serum beautifully into the skin, without leaving any residue. I highly recommend this amazing serum.

The Green Cream

This is a powerful cream packed with lots of great nutrients. It’s infused with broccoli, avocado, coconut, olive, and aloe. Graydon calls this ‘lotion-like’ cream “a salad for your skin”. It’s also suitable for a wide range of skin types and complexions! Further good news is that this cream is packed with phytonutrients including chlorophyll, which helps with detoxification.

These Canadian natural skincare companies are worth checking out! #natural #Canadian #skincare #beauty


I really hope you check out all these amazing Canadian businesses. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and I definitely stand by all my recommendations here. This list will keep getting updated with more businesses as I discover them so make sure you bookmark this page. Feel free to pin this article to your Pinterest board and keep checking from time to time.

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  1. Time Travel Bee says:

    Those products rock indeed. I am not using cosmetics a lot and trying to be minimalist in this regard but when it comes to eco-friendly, natural products I could have them all. I am in love already with those honey touch creams and roscoplasc would be my second choice. Congrats for the great choices Kasia.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh thanks for the kind words girl. I really do believe in these companies and their products and I’m so happy to finally be able to give them some much needed exposure.

  2. Seanna Rose says:

    These all look really nice 🙂
    That peppermint face scrub looks like something I’d love to try. Maybe I’ll make a diy version…

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh yes the peppermint face scrub is definitely refreshing. Let me know if you come up with your own version.

  3. Crystal says:

    Love these products! Thank you for sharing. There is so many American give aways! So happy to see a Canadian one for a change.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh I hear you. I’ve been using these products for a long time so this post was long time coming. Really happy to spread the word about these great Canadian companies 🙂

  4. joniamac says:

    Omg, so many great products and brands. I like how you gave us information about the company, their brand, and your favorite products. So happy that you are sharing this with us!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Thanks Jonia. It was my absolute pleasure to introduce everybody to these companies and their awesome products 🙂

  5. Monika says:

    I am such fan of natural skincare and yet it is so not possible to get around here (Czech Republic) that everytime I read and article like this I’m so envious you can get it where you live 🙁 Sure, there are brands developing natural cosmetics too here, but so far the effect is usually so bad… not quality products, ‘just’ natural…

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh that’s sad to hear Monika. I hope that will change eventually. But if you want to try any of these products all the companies ship internationally so you can still get your hands on these. And better yet – if you enter the giveaway and you win the products will be shipped to you at no charge 🙂

      1. Monika says:

        Might just do that! 😉

        1. thesavvydreamer says:

          Yes absolutely 🙂

  6. Margaret smith says:

    I always prefer organic products for my hair and skin! This spearmint rosemary toner sounds wonderful. Those two scents are perfect together and both offer a lot of benefits to the body. What a great prize this will be for who ever wins!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh absolutely Margaret. I’m all about natural products. And I’m so happy to share all of these with the world – they ship internationally too!

  7. Scott Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing so much information about each company and your favorite products. The green cream sounds really good. I know my wife always prefers natural organic ingredients for her skincare. I’m sure broccoli, avocado, coconut, olive, and aloe would do wonders for the skin.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      My pleasure Scott. Your wife would love all these products 😉

  8. echoesofhervoice says:

    What a detailed post! Love your description and review. I would have bought, but I have sensitive skin and I don’t want to rock the boat. But enjoy!!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh I completely hear you. I have sensitive skin too so I react to so many things. But I can definitely tell you that especially the Rostoplasc creams are formulated for sensitive skin. I’ve never had any bad reactions to any of them. If you want to try them you can contact them at their 1-800 number and they can send you some samples.

  9. Karishma says:

    These products look absolutely mind blowing … I always love ur reviews Kasia… infact being from india… whenever anyone is traveling to USA or my friends coming from
    Canada ?? I order something… I’m
    Tempted to try some from the skin essence organic range and Leto cleanse 🙂

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh you would love Skin Essence products. I’ve been using them for a while now and I really love them. Feel free to use my discount code!!!

  10. Tatum Neely says:

    Love it!! I’m all for natural beauty brands and making almost all of my own skin and hair products. You should definitely check out my blog! naturalproverbz.wordpress.com

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh cool. I’ll definitely check out your blog. Thanks for visiting.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh yes. You should definitely check them out. And make sure you use my discount codes.

  11. Audrey Knizek says:

    Holy moly this is an awesome post! I’m not in Canada so I probably can’t get many of these products but this is a great resource for those people who can!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh Audrey you can definitely all these products. Even though these Canadian companies they all ship internationally. So feel free to explore your options and make sure you take advantage of my promo codes.

  12. sj says:

    I love skincare products as i don’t use such makeup and these products looks so attractive, Loved this review 🙂

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great day.

  13. hillcitybride says:

    Wow! Canada is putting out some great products. I love that there are so many natural and conscious products – and with honey, too! 🙂

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh yes absolutely. These Canadian companies are doing something right 🙂

  14. Teresa says:

    Awesome post! I love discovering new Canadian companies 🙂

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Great. Thanks for checking out the post.

  15. erinmae says:

    I definitely need to take better care of my skin. Thanks for the tips!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      You’re welcome. Your skin is so important so is using the right kind of products.

  16. Sadia says:

    So many amazing products and surely will try them! Planning to move to Canada soon so I am so much excited! Thanks for the post ?

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh that’s amazing Sadia. Congratulations on your choice of Canada. You’ll love it here. I hope you get to try these products soon.

  17. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    Thanks for the great review. l am interested in Canadian natural skincare companies and this sounds great.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh awesome Lillian. I think you would really like these companies and their great products.

  18. Marlon & Michelle says:

    Great group of products! Only thing is you missed one of the best company’s…. OURS! Give my wife & I’s company a try! https://www.pinchskincare.com All locally, hand made, all natural and synthetic chemical free products made in Surrey, BC, Canada. We have the purest aluminum free deodorant on the planet packaged in biodegradable paper tubes! Only 8 ingredients. All of our packaging is environmentally friendly and 99% plastic free! Check out our 5 Star reviews on Google. 😉

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Hi guys, thanks for checking out the blog. I haven’t heard of your company. Just checked it out. Sounds amazing. I would love to try some products out. Let’s collaborate. I will be in touch ❤️

  19. Margaret says:

    Need to add FEY Cosmetics out of Montreal. I’ve reviewed their organic, vegan and cruelty-free products twice now. Soooo good.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh really? I gotta check them out for sure. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Taryn Kawaja says:

    Hi! Do you know where I can find more information about Mary Rostoplasc’s products? Can’t seem to find anything current online! Many thanks

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