5 Great Ways To Minimize Plastic Footprint When You Travel

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Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious

Traveling can often be a wonderful experience for many of us. There are beautiful sights to see and new people to meet. But when we travel we must also be conscious of the environmental impact we leave on this planet. This is why I was very excited to collaborate with a fellow blogger on this week’s post. Sienna will be sharing with us 5 great ways to minimize plastic footprint when you travel. I’m already becoming very conscious of how plastic affects us physically. But it’s very important to not leave too much behind when we travel. That’s why I feel this post is very timely as more of us embark on summer vacation.

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Sienna Walker is an avid traveler who enjoys visiting both the well-known and famous as well as the uncharted places this world has to offer. She writes out of passion but also to support online knowledge libraries like Aubiz. Personally she’s a huge fan of self-improvement literature.

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5 Great Ways To Minimize Plastic Footprint When You Travel!

Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious

Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious
Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious

The travel industry is huge, and the profits come from more than just vacation packages. People take special things with them for travel, mostly due to the convenience they provide. Single use products dominate in travel, and many of them are made of plastic.

Fortunately, if you want to explore the world without leaving a sea of garbage in your wake, it’s absolutely possible. It all starts with wiser decision-making while packing and ends with the choices you make when you arrive at your destination. It is therefore possible to minimize plastic footprint when you travel.

  1. Minimize Plastic Footprint – Bring Your Reusables With You

The best way to minimize plastic footprint when you travel is to bring all of your reusables with you. Opt for refillable toiletry bottles to carry your shampoo, soap, and even toothpaste. Switch to a bamboo travel sized toothbrush, and ditch cotton swabs with plastic wands. You can also carry your refillable cups and bottles like this gorgeous stainless steel S’well bottle, as well as your food containers. Restaurants and other establishments will gladly serve you food and drinks in your own containers. You can also bring your reusable shopping bags with you.

It may be a little bulkier to travel with your reusable cups and dishes in tow, but efficiently organizing your luggage can offset some of that bulk. You can store smaller items inside of your plastic food containers. Or use your reusable shopping bags to separate clothing from other things you’ve bringing with you, like electronics or grooming items. Pack as lightly as possible – you can always wash clothes while you’re away. Wear your bulkiest shoes and coats on the plane to free up the extra space in your bags.

Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious

  1. Minimize Plastic Footprint – Buy Local

Buying local saves more than just plastic – it also reduces harmful emissions. If you go to the local farmers market at your destination, you’re sampling the flavors that make your destination unique. Because a surplus of fuel wasn’t required to get the food to the market, you’re also making an eco-friendly purchasing decision.

Things are often sold in bulk at farmers markets. They aren’t packaged in plastic or processed wastefully. One of the best things about local markets is that a lot of the food is healthy. Fresh, locally grown tropical fruits are the best you’ll ever taste. Street food sold on bamboo skewers won’t generate a lot of waste, and it’s a fun way to indulge in the less healthy snacks that locals love. That’s a great way to minimize plastic footprint especially when you travel.

Here's simple ways you can minimize plastic footprint when you travel

  1. Minimize Plastic Footprint – Avoid Major Hotels

The hotel industry is notoriously wasteful. Everything is provided in single serve or single use packaging. Whether or not you use these single serve items, they’re likely discarded and replaced anyway for sanitary reasons. Even hotel breakfast and room service snacks are usually served in single use containers or heated up from frozen plastic cartons. The only way to avoid the excess paper and plastic is to avoid hotels.

A great idea to minimize plastic footprint is to try renting a room from a local instead. If you’re staying with a helpful local, he or she may be able to provide you with some great ideas and suggestions that will enrich your trip. If you can use the kitchen, you can prepare your own healthy meals instead of relying on takeout. You might even have access to laundry. If the person you’re renting from is also environmentally conscious, you might find that it’s just as easy to make green choices away as it is at home.

  1. Minimize Plastic Footprint – Pick More Meaningful Souvenirs

Plastic keychains with your name on them and novelty toys that will soon break aren’t the best memories of a wonderful trip. Locally crafted goods or naturally sourced souvenirs tell more about the essence of a place and evoke stronger memories. Skip the cheap souvenirs from the tourist shops and participate in the local economy by purchasing your souvenirs from artisans.

If you’re travelling on a budget, keep in mind that photos and videos also count as souvenirs. You’ll be able to relive the things you did and saw through your documentation, and that won’t cost you a thing. The best thing? It doesn’t generate any waste either! What a wonderful way to minimize plastic footprint while still having great memories.

You can minimize plastic footprint when you #travel #souvenirs #footprint #ecofriendly #ecoconscious

  1. Minimize Plastic Footprint – Recycle While You’re Away

If you can’t avoid plastic, don’t despair. Every first world country recycles, as do some developing countries. European countries are great with their recycling rates, and they’ll want you to recycle while you’re visiting. Many businesses offer recycling in conjunction with their normal rubbish bins. All you need to do is follow the same instincts that you’d follow in your own home.

In areas where recycling is scarce, you might have to hold on to your plastics for a little longer than usual. Carry them in your backpack until you find a receptacle. If you feel so inclined and you’re comfortable doing so, you can also pick up litter or plastic bottles from garbage cans and relocate them to a recycling bin.

The desire to reduce dependence on plastic is something that’s circling the globe. You can go almost anywhere in the world, and you’ll be able to find people who share your passion. The planet supports you in your eco-friendly travels. You’ll also feel great about traveling when you’re able to minimize plastic footprint while doing so.

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Thank you so much Sienna for sharing your knowledge about ways to minimize plastic footprint when we travel. Those are wonderful tips. I know I need to be more conscious when I travel because I want this beautiful planet to keep thriving.

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What do you think of Sienna’s tips for ways to minimize plastic footprint when we travel? Do you already do that when you travel? Share with me in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. JLyn says:

    I love these ideas! We’ve been working hard to minimize our waste, but travelling is definitely a challenge. I will be trying some of these.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      I think it’s definitely more of a challenge when traveling but with these tips it’s doable. Thanks for checking out the post.

  2. Tara says:

    These are really great tips on ways we can reduce the single use and plastic use on our vacations. I do have my favorite travel mug I bring everywhere, it keeps my tea hot for 5-6 hours, which is awesome. I will definitely keep these tips in mind as well travel.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh yes I’m starting to switch to a lot more eco-friendly and plastic free options. And I need to re-organize my travel necessities. Happy to hear you’re finding these tips helpful 🙂

  3. paige says:

    this is such a helpful and important post!! something i don’t often think of when i travel but this post has inspired me to be more mindful x

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      That’s amazing to hear. I was so happy to give people better ideas to minimize plastic when they travel. Happy to hear this is helpful to you.

  4. pakulele says:

    I totally agree with these tips. I can add choosing no straw while buying a juice. As I am changing my habits into more eco friendly too I started to travel with bamboo straw.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Yes I agree with this too. I’m looking for a good collapsable eco-friendly travel straw too. No more plastic straws for me.

  5. Karen says:

    I love the idea of purchasing meaningful souvenirs. They don’t have to be expensive. When someone brings me back something that actually means that they had been thinking of me it means so much more than a generic keychain or t-shirt.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      I absolutely agree. I love those gifts too. They’re so much more meaningful and bonus if they’re not plastic. It’s also so important to support the local economy.

  6. Zahra says:

    The tip about renting a room from a local or air bnb is such a great one! The plastic waste in hotels is crazy!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Omg I know right? It’s unbelievable how much waste goes on in big hotels until this day. I hope things will start to change for the better.

  7. Crystal Paterson says:

    Great post! Such a big issue right now, my biology degree really showed me how polluted our planet is getting. Even the littlest can help!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      I absolutely agree Crystal. It’s so sad to see. We all must do our even little part to start making it better again.

  8. Denial says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips. Keep writing such an informative post. You are doing a great job

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Thanks so much for the compliments. Really appreciate it.

  9. Kd says:

    Very well written and informative post, I just wanna ask you , How do you do this? you are amazing. I am bookmarking your article so I can revisit and review more of your content

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh that’s so nice of you. I just love writing and sharing my favorite places, products and recipes with people so that’s what I’m doing and I’m happy to see it’s reaching people like you.

  10. Aparna Verma says:

    This is simply a great and ecofriendly post, this is our duty to save our planet earth. You have taken a beautiful step of making awareness with some amazingly useful tips. Thanks for the share, keep up the good work going. Cheers!!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh my pleasure. Thanks for checking it out.

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