Why You Need To Change Your Mindset To Live A Happier Life

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Steps you can take today to life a happier life! #happiness #success #mindset #mindfulness #life

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles written by like-minded people. People who same as me, would like to spread awareness about certain issues and affect change. I’ve been inspired by these people and this prompted me to start thinking about why I actually started this blog. My initial idea of the blog was to talk about things that are important to me and to let others know more about them. But what ended up happening is that I got swept up in the whole blogging atmosphere and the pursuit of making it a profitable business. You see, there’s nothing wrong with that and yes that is still my goal. But what’s more important is not loosing who I am as a person and what I truly care about. And that, I believe is partially what’s wrong with the world today. So today I’m talking about why you need to change your mindset to live a happier life!

Why You Need To Change Your Mindset To Live A Happier Life!

Steps you can take today to change your mindset and live a happier life! #happiness #success #mindset #mindfulness #life

Steps you can take today to life a happier life! #happiness #success #mindset #mindfulness #life
Steps you can take today to life a happier life! #happiness #success #mindset #mindfulness #life

Do you ever wonder why there’s so much more hatred, violence and sheer misery in the world these days? I think it boils down to one important thing; most people are not living their lives the way they were meant to be. They’re just going through the motions, doing what they’re supposed to be doing and what everyone else expects them to do. But do they stop and think about what it is that they really want out of life? In order to live a happier life you need to really look at your life, change your mindset and pursue your happiness.

Change Your Mindset – The Pursuit of Success Instead of Happiness

Do you find yourself in constant pursuit of keeping up with the Joneses? Don’t feel bad if you do. Many of us find ourselves in this position when it comes to a job, a relationship, or financial goals. Nowadays money and status seem to be the only measure of success. If you don’t have a high paying job, a huge house, the best car, a gorgeous wife and a bunch of kids running around then you must be just a looser. Sounds about right? Wrong! Just because you have all of these things doesn’t automatically make you a happy person. Maybe you hate your job or your constantly nagging boss. You couldn’t care less about what car you drive or where you live. Perhaps your wife only married you for your money, oh and your kids despise you because you never spend any time with them.

Does that sound like a perfect life to you? It doesn’t to me. But when you look around it all seems so rosy and perfect when you look at all the pictures. This is especially true when it comes to social media. But pictures can be deceiving. You have no idea what someone else is going through and you’re only seeing what they want you to see. So why is it so important to many of us to want this seemingly perfect life? Because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

Let Go Of Misconceptions

It’s only when you let go of these misconceptions you can figure out what YOU truly want out of life. You’re the only one who can determine your own happiness. Once you change your mindset everything else will slowly start to fall into place. Psychology Today has a great article that gives you a few ideas on how to combat comparing yourself to others that I think is worth checking out.

Steps you can take today to life a happier life!

Change Your Mindset – Collaboration vs. Competition

It seems like we’re always in some kind of competition with one another. Doesn’t it? You’re often competing with your siblings for the affection of your parents. In school you’re encouraged to do better than your peers. Then when you start working you’re always competing with your co-workers for that coveted promotion. When you start a business you’re always trying to outdo your competition. In sports you’re taught to only be the best because nothing else besides the best matters. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to do your best. You absolutely should push yourself and aspire to achieve as long as it is truly what YOU want. Don’t do it for the wrong reasons.

I believe so much more could be achieved if only people started working together instead of going against each other. So much energy goes into selling a product better than your competition. But is it a better product to begin with? In most cases no, it’s just more popular. Why is it more popular? Shouldn’t that mean that it is the best? No! It’s because there’s a better marketing machine behind it. It’s everywhere for everyone to see and hear about it. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! What would be better for human kind is for the two competitors to join forces and make an even more superior product that actually performed the way it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, the greed and ego is more important than anything else. I recently read an interesting article on Forbes discussing the same subject; which follows a similar idea. So I know Iā€™m on to something here.

Steps you can take today to life a happier life!

Change Your Mindset – Set Yourself Free

As young children we are conditioned to constantly achieve. We end up taking this to heart as adults. Most often we don’t give ourselves enough time to figure out what we really want out of life. In high school we are already being told to pick a career right before you graduate. You’re supposed to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young age. Even then I thought that was a bit crazy. I had no idea what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’. In fact, at that age I wanted to be an actress, be on Broadway and do musicals. I had Oscar speeches all prepared in my head. I wanted to be a dancer too, a triple thread is what you call it now; actress, singer, dancer.

All that changed when I came to Canada. I barely knew English. I got stuck living in a suburb of Scarborough and not the fancy downtown Toronto I imagined. Things were much different than I imagined. The transition from my life in Eastern Europe was hard. I had no friends, was living in a land far away, all my dreams seem shattered. My life turned out much different than what I thought as a teenager. But that’s okay. You never know where your life path will take you. Once you realize that you can surely change your mindset and feel happier about your choices.

Take Your Time

Many of us find ourselves being rushed to make life decisions. Some of us take a long time to figure out what we’re supposed to do in life. Sometimes you end up pressured by circumstances or your family to do something you’re not really meant to do. Perhaps you come from a long line of lawyers or doctors and that’s exactly what you’re expected to do when you grow up. But is that what you really want? Do you have the luxury of even deciding for yourself? Parents can sometimes pressure their kids to do something just because they couldn’t do it themselves. DON’T BE THAT PARENT. Let your kids pick their own life path. Support them no matter what even if they’re doing something you wouldn’t do. As long as they’re not hurting themselves or anyone else, being smart and following their dreams it’s all good.

In my case, I could’ve pursued acting. That’s true. It definitely would have been harder with English being my second language but not impossible. Many people have done it. Perhaps it didn’t happen because it wasn’t really my calling. Maybe one day I’ll find that out. What I do know for sure is that I was never meant for corporate office job I got stuck doing for many years after graduating college. It took me some time to figure that out. You can read more about my story in my first blog article here. And yes, I definitely wasted time doing so. That’s why I’m here to tell you not to make the same mistakes I’ve made.

Life Is A Roller Coaster, Make Sure You’re Having A Good Ride

Steps you can take today to life a happier life!

Image – Lauren Mancke

Change Your Mindset – What Is Wrong With The World Today?

Here’s what I think is the problem with the world today. People are not doing what they were truly meant to be doing. And they’re miserable because of it. Imagine for a second if more people were doing things they really loved doing. How much happier would they be? How much happier the world would be if that was the case? Seems easy and ridiculous at the same time. Doesn’t it? I know what you’re going to say, but if everyone was doing what they loved who would clean the toilets and pick up the garbage? Surely that can’t be anyone’s dream job! Agreed!

But there still would be some people that enjoy doing a simple job. Where they do what they need to do and there’s no fuss about it. They do it and they go home. They don’t need to climb the corporate ladder or aspire to make the latest and greatest invention or be a celebrity. They’re simply happy picking up garbage. It might not be right for you or me but it’s what’s right for them. There’s no judgment here. Do what you enjoy and let others do it too. We shouldn’t make anyone feel bad about what they do for a ‘living’ or to pay the bills. They might actually be much happier than that CEO who’s making millions.

Pursue Your Passions

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid of either failure or what people would think just do it anyway. Who gives a f#$k! Even if you can’t just drop your current job because the bills are pilling up. Or you have a family to support, take small steps towards it. Take a night school or online course. Learn on your own. Get a mentor. Even if you can’t follow your dream full time you can still do it part-time or as a hobby. If you want to pursue it don’t let anything stop you. And most importantly never give up. Keep your dream alive. Even if you never achieve it.

Steps you can take today to life a happier life! #wisdom #quotes #faith

I believe when you set your mind to do something you will. Or at least it will give you a new outlook on life. It will give you hope, drive and something other people don’t have – happiness and purpose. You have to do it. Your other alternative is to keep living your unfulfilled life, being miserable and making everyone else around you miserable. We’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. I think that’s so true.

When you’re stuck living the same life yet you expect things to miraculously get better; you’re in for a rude awakening. If more people pursued what they really wanted they wouldn’t have time to fight with their neighbor, cheat on their wife, beat their kids, become an evil and corrupt boss, steal from people, start unnecessary wars and the list goes on and on. Pursue your own happiness and be happy for others. Live and let live!!!

Steps you can take today to life a happier life!


In conclusion I want to reiterate to you that YOU are in control of your own life. Only you can make the right choices for you. Don’t let anyone or your life circumstances dictate where you end up. Life is a journey and it may take a long time for you to get to where you need to be. Make your peace with it and don’t give up. Change your mindset today and start working towards a happier life. That’s my advice to all of you whether you like it or not. Take it or leave it. It’s up to you. I want you to share your thoughts with me about this subject in the comments below. What do you think? It’s okay if you disagree with me. I’m happy to have an open, honest and respectful conversation about it.

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  1. Julie says:

    Great post. You have a lot of good points to keep in mind. A lot of this I still struggle with but hopefully will improve on.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh so happy to hear that Julie. I wish you great progress with it. Keep the faith!

  2. lifewithmrst says:

    This is such wise advice and all so true. I completely agree we need to focus on what makes us happy rather than how much money we have, money is overrated

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh gosh, I totally agree. This society is so money hungry it’s forgetting how to live, how to love.

  3. Nikki Cannon says:

    Really great content! You did a ton of research! Thanks for sharing your tips! šŸ™‚

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Thank you Nikki. The subject matter was dear to my heart. Glad you enjoyed it šŸ™‚

  4. ladysworldoffashion says:

    I think the most important is to think positive and be positive in every situation.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      I agree. So much energy is being spent on negativity these days. It’s so unnecessary.

  5. Seanna Rose says:

    This post kind of reminds me of one I recently did. I like it! Your post goes into a lot more depth, which is nice. It’s so refreshing seeing positive articles like this one up.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh really? I’m gonna check out your post. Glad to hear we’re on the same page šŸ™‚

      1. Seanna Rose says:

        It’s a 7 Powerful affirmations post. Yours is in so much more detail šŸ™‚

        1. thesavvydreamer says:

          Oh ok. I was just on your blog and I read the post about happiness. I’ll check out the other one too šŸ™‚

          1. Seanna Rose says:

            ?? thank you

  6. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits says:

    I truly believe in the saying that what the minds conceived the body perceived. It is how we feed our thoughts life that eventually comes to reality. I love how positive this post of yours, it makes a great sense and worth reading. I love that you’ve said to pursue someone’s passion as this will lead to life fulfillment and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing this post, it is very inspiring and positive.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the post. I believe you need to pursue your passions to be truly happy and fulfilled in life.

  7. Laurence says:

    These are really motivating. I have friends, which kinda drag them down, because of negative mindset. I need to share this to them. It really gives you a happy life if you have a positive mindset and doing what you really like šŸ™‚

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Yes definitely share this post with your friends. Negativity can bring you down but positivity can lift you up šŸ™‚

  8. Tahna de Veyra says:

    Looks like we share the same beliefs. And yes, they do help me stay grounded and happy. Love your foreword about revisiting our purpose for blogging too.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Thank you so much Tahna. Glad to hear we’re on the same page šŸ™‚

  9. Practically Perfect Meg says:

    I agree wholly with you. You are in charge even if you do not think you are and you can succeed if you tell yourself you can.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Yes, the right mindset can do wonders for you ?

  10. hannanabanana says:

    these are very important tips! I need to take my time for sure. Many of my friends have gotten engaged this year, and my mom as well as some friends are getting excited for when my time comes (I am not yet engaged but have been with my boyfriend for 5.5 years). I need to remember that it is our life and not feel like we need to rush in when we aren’t in the right place in our life. thank you šŸ™‚

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Oh I completely understand the pressure. Many of us look at friends or family and feel like we’re not measuring up but that’s not true. You need to follow your own path and take time to do what’s right for you.

  11. pakulele says:

    This is a very well written text. I am discovering myself through traveling and trying to observe who I really am and what I really want. Enjoying myself makes me feels so happy and when I accomplish what I was dreaming about – totally satisfied. I love my life and wouldn’t like to change it. However, what I like is totally the opposite of the expectations of my family. I guess this is very common and issue, but still, very hard to overcome.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      That’s so awesome for you. I love reading about your solo travels. They’re really inspiring. It’s hard to know that your family has different expectations of you but in the end you must do what you love, right? And if you’re doing that they will understand in the end. I wish you many happy travels.

  12. kickstart123 says:

    Inspiring post!! I can relate this blog with the present moments happening around us. our generation is far less collaborative and tangled in worry of future.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      This is definitely true. Glad you enjoyed reading the post šŸ™‚

  13. Paula – Gone with the Wine says:

    This was a really good reminder for me this morning. Maybe I was ment to read it a this exact moment. I usually am happy and enjoying my life fullest, but this morning has been a struggle. For that kind of moment I wish there was always something that would remind us about the positive things in life.

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      Ohh I’m so happy to hear that Paula. Perhaps it was meant for you to read this at the moment you needed it ā¤ļø

  14. echoesofhervoice says:

    This post is so well written and honest. We often wait for things to happen and assume that will give us happiness. These are wise words…. thank you so much!! You’ve given me inspiration!!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      So happy to hear that. It was my pleasure. I wish you all the good things in life. You really deserve it.

  15. Meera says:

    I totally agree with you. We control our lives but no one. Only we can decide for us. It’s all in our choices and decisions to lead a happy life. Great article! Well done!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      This is so true. Only you can decide for yourself what is right for you. Thanks for reading the article šŸ™‚

  16. Cristine says:

    Sometimes you have to be ready to accept change for the positive to come. I made a huge career change years ago to be worth my kids. Keeping a positive outlook help tremendously

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      That’s amazing. I’m so happy you made a great bold choice to better your life.

  17. hillcitybride says:

    It’s so true that so much of what we encounter and the results are HOW we deal with it both in the instance and emotionally afterwards. We are in control of that!

    1. thesavvydreamer says:

      That is indeed so true.

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